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Subra was founded in March 1985, with the main objective of commercializing and industrializing engine remanufacturing machines and tools. Jointly with the company Arbus, Subra imported 1,200 engine remanufacturing machines from Italy. Manufactured by the traditional brand Berco (Thyseen-Krupp), this company is known worldwide as the biggest and most complete engine remanufacturing factory.

In 1986, the company began importing parts washing machines from Italy, which brought great success and innovation to the industry, due to the fact that they worked with biodegradable detergents.

Partnership and technology were acquired from Europe and the USA and from other sectors of the same industry. With enthusiasm and courage, Subra began manufacturing these machines in Brazil.

As a result, Subra had to expand its manufacturing facilities to accommodate the production areas. The company now has a constructed area of 1.000m² and two more external plants of 800m² each. Currently, the company employs 48 people, including production and administrative staff: 3 engineers, 2 electricians, 4 project designers, among others.

The commercial area is subdivided in several regions with representatives and distributors.

Until 2017, Subra installed 2,522 machines in the Brazilian market and in several countries of the world including Italy, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, the USA, Argentina, Paraguay, Costa Rica, China and Russia.

All of our associates and suppliers are highly qualified.

The project designers work with programs (CAD 3D and Solid Works) which enable more efficiency and speed.

We are capable of projecting any kind of parts washing machines, for large and small size mechanical parts of any shape.

Our machines can be found working at a wide range of clients, such as Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Mahle, Thyssen Krupp, Bosch, among others. Our focus has always been on advanced technology combined with environmental awareness.
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Phone: (55 11) 3221-8444
Phone: (55 11) 3333-1811

Fax: (55 11) 3223-0953
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